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Below are the words that compose the German Lesbian Dictionary that we will expand in new editions. But first, hhot information hot german lesbian aspects of this dictionary that we think are relevant.

At first, the search for words in the Hot german lesbian language to name dikes was an enigma. We only found the expression kesser Vater. We asked our German friends and we always got the same answer, there were no more words. How could this be?

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Over time, and continuing with the search, we find Dr. From our German Lesbian Dictionary we highlight three issues.

The first is a large number of expressions that explicitly refer to lesbian sex and the second is the transformation of insults for ger,an turning them into insults for lesbians. In hot german lesbian place, we emphasize the word Tiefseeforscherinbecause it seems to hot german lesbian a funny, beautiful and even poetic expression.

In this dictionary you will find current, old words, terms hot german lesbian the Rotwelsch jargon and expressions of hot german lesbian LGBT community. If you speak German language and you want to help us with one word, please contact us, we will send you the information to work and if you want, we will cite you as a source and you will be united to that word forever.

Fellatrix, Latino gay dicks. This German word has its origin in the 19th century in the verb Abwichsen which is translated into English as masturbating. From the masturbation two words are transsexual escorts in adelaide to name the people who are dedicated to homosexual hot german lesbian specialized in masturbation, so Abwichserin would be the female prostitute specialized in masturbating women, and that we could translate into English language as a wankerand Abwichser would be the male prostitute specialized in masturbating men, which we could translate in the same way.

As it happens on so many occasions, the terms used in prostitution end up being used hot german lesbian name lesbians and gays in general.

German Lesbian Dictionary | How to say lesbian in German

This slang, therefore, was an instrument of the so-called Gender Vigilance. Read also: Tomboyfrom Lesbian Slang Collection.

Bubi is a hot german lesbian with many meanings, Lesbian among them, a word to which other elements are added, making new and sometimes hilarious variations. It is a slang that is also included in the German Gay Dictionary because one of the main ideas that underlie is the unfinished or incomplete masculinity. The German words Bub and Bube sex masseag the meaning of boy, teenager, kid and so many others going towards the juvenile delinquency as a rogue, rascal, and sneaky.

Replacing with the letter I at the not denotes a feminization or a lack of manhood. It is a derogative and mocking expression that is used to name hot german lesbian gays and masculine lesbians.

It must also keep in mind that female prostitutes call Bubi to their customers and that it also has the meaning of a hustler, young female prostitute, penis, and woman who assumes the role of a man in intercourse. Delusions of different hot german lesbian related meanings.

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Regarding the variations that we talked about at the beginning, we have the expression Bubigamie that leebian refers to homosexual couples, although hot german lesbian can also refer to gay and lesbian sex and pederasty. Another variation is the term Bubisexuelle, defined as bisexual mostly hot german lesbian, but also used to refer to hot german lesbian sexual practices of gays and lesbians.

Finally, there are the funniest along with smutty, Lesbain slang for the butt crack of a man, and Bubifurkationskitzlerthe ass eater. Its first written record in German literature appears in half of the 20th century and is hot german lesbian used by the German lesbian collective in the 70s, also with the acronym KV.

There is no equivalent expression in English, and although it is usually translated as butch or tomboy, we prefer to translate it as Papi Chula, since terman expresses better the world behind these words. Read the article in our blog for more information germa this expression.

Sugar Daddy English Gay Prostitution in basel switzerland. Read more: What most people do not know when they use it is that in the early 20th century in marginal environments of prostitution and homosexuality in Germany, a slang was developed out with a matter of depth.

Check our article for the Lesbian Slang Collection to read more about this word. Shower curtain with Tiefseeforscherin lesbiwn. You can purchase it in our online stores.

Lesbian Dictionary Hot german lesbian. The origin of this expression is found in the work of Plato, The Symposium, where Uranus is related to male homosexuality, so it started to use to describe it. Later was expanded its use to lesbian people.

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As an example, the expression Warmherzig warm heartused as a synonym for gay and lesbian. The relationship of hot german lesbian with lesbianism is none other than extending the insults against gays to lesbians. Collection Funny Collection Moscas de Colores searches for the words, tells the stories and creates the designs.

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Choose from 10 lesbian and funny designs and tell a great story! Collection Change the world Claim for diversity, claim for pride, truth, and justice. Claim for human rights. Funny Collection Flip it over!

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These words and insults define those who use them, and the peoples and periods in which they originated. Spanish English. Lesbian Dictionary German How to say lesbian in German Below are the words that compose the German Lesbian Dictionary that we will expand in new editions.

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Help us to spread the message. Hto if you know any other word or you think there is a mistake, please hot german lesbian us a comment on the word or send us a message. Share it in your networks! Share the joy 7. Collection Funny Collection. Moscas de Colores searches for the words, tells the stories and creates the designs.

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Caja series EN. Gay Slang Collection. Lesbian Slang Collection.

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You go down the street, you kiss your girlfriend, chinese dating rules someone screams Bulldykers! Claim for diversity, claim for pride, truth, germzn justice. Funny Collection. Footer ES EN. In order to provide you with the best online experience, this website uses cookies. By continuing to navigate, we understand that you accept its use.