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Left handed female facts

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Left-handedness is a condition in which a person is more comfortable using the left hand for actions that are normally done by the right hand.

Less commonly seen, people with left-handedness are believed to be more skillful. Menu Top Search Search for: You are here: Those who are left-handed are more prone to ailments like allergies and migraines.

Dallas-WV Sex On The Side

Media Source 4. Most of those who are left handed are insomniacs. Left handed people tend to use the right side of their brain. Lefties are highly smart and some of the most popular femwle were left-handed like Left handed female facts Newton and Benjamin Franklin.

Media Source 7. The word left in English comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, which means weak or broken.

Those who use their left—hand more are likely to be inclined towards alcohol due to low tolerance level to the right side of the brain.

There are more left-handed men than women in the world.

Media Source Multitasking comes naturally to people who are left handed. Left-handed people usually face sexual orientation.

Left Handed Facts - 35 Surprising Facts About Left-Handed People - Serious Facts

Left handed people tend to attain puberty later than right handed people. Lefties are very good artists and mostly follow creative careers.

At least four of the most popular Presidents of the United States were left—handed. Left handed people need to cut their nails frequently, as their nails on the left hand grow faster.

According to tradition, an itchy left hand indicates you will lose money. An itchy right hand indicates you will receive money.

25 AMAZING Facts About Left Handed People

Their intelligence haded found to be polarized, and are dyslexic or suffering from stuttering. People who are left-handed, get embarrassed and angry faster than others at the slightest trigger.

Left-handed kids have not performed as well as right handed kids in school. Mental disorders are seen to be common among left-handed people. People with left handedness, have lesser risks related to ailments like ulcers and arthritis.

Teenage Lesbions

Left-handedness is found to be more common in twins, in fact twice as common. Forty hsnded aged mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed babies.

According to research, Autistic people are more likely to be left-handed. Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed.

Left handed female facts

ffacts Left-handed people have a greater sense of hearing. Lefties have proved to be good fighters. The Bible mentions the right hand almost times positively and the left hand only about 25 times and all of it negatively.

The life span of lefties is supposed to left handed female facts shorter than their right—handed counterparts.

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