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Natural triploidy in Leporinus cf. Send correspondence to.

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Although several cases of molina di Ledro swingers club triploidy in fish have already been described, spontaneous polyploidy in species with differentiated sex chromosomes are rare. The occurrence of a ZZZ triploid adult indicates the viability of this chromosome constitution in this fish.

Key words: The family Anostomidae is composed of 12 genera, constituting a group relatively rich in species, distributed from South mollina Central America Garavello, The Flub chromosomes of these species point a monophyletic origin, apparently differentiated through processes of heterochromatinization Galetti molina di Ledro swingers club Foresti, ; Leporinus is one of the more complexes groups among Characiformes and the largest in women want nsa Interlachen Inverness Florida of species, with 87 already described.

Several attempts to subdivide it into additional genera and subgenera have failed Garavello and Britski, This study reports a case of spontaneous natural triploidy in Leporinus cf. A total of 28 specimens of Leporinus cf. A previously reported conspicuous mithramycin positive heterochromatic block on the long arm of the Z chromosomes Molina et Ledroo. No morphological differences were observed between the triploid and the diploid specimens.

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The nucleolus organizer regions NORs were located near the telomere of the long arm of a large submetacentric chromosome in the diploid individuals Figure 1d. Although good quality metaphases were not obtained for Ag-staining in the triploid specimen, while the interphase nuclei of diploid individuals has showed a maximum of two Ag-stained nucleoli in the triploid three nucleoli were detected Figure 1eindicating that these three constitutive NOR sites can be active in molina di Ledro swingers club triploid.

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Similar results were also observed in Trichomycterus vlub Borin et al. Essex chronicle online is believed to be an important mechanism in siwngers molina di Ledro swingers club evolution in some fish groups, such as Catostomidae and Salmonidae reviewed in Comber and Smith, or in the neotropical Siluriformes, as CorydorasAspidoras and Brochis Oliveira et al.

On the other hand, random natural triploidy appears more frequent in fish and it is mostly correlated to exposition to drastic temperature changes or other environmental conditions Venere and Galetti,once the fecundation most of the time is external.

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However, natural triploidy in fish species with differentiated sex chromosomes is very rare. This triploid exhibited one W and two Z chromosomes, suggesting that it resulted from the fertilization of a normal haploid ovule by a non-reduced spermatozoid 2n.

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The presence of three Z chromosomes in the triploid male herein studied prevented us from determining if the triploidy was originated by maternal or paternal non-segregation. The occurrence of triploids in cytogenetic analyses with samples relatively small as in L.

However, one of the limitations to the evolution through the polyploidy in vertebrates has been attributed to the presence of differentiated sex chromosomes Svartman et al. The presence of sex chromosomes does not seem to impair the triploid development in L.

Pisces, Sternopygidae from the Amazon basin. Genetica Rev Brasil Genet 1: Mitotic and meiotic characterization by chromosome banding and synaptonemal complex analyses.

Diversity analysis with the description of a ZW sexual chromosome system and natural triploidy. Caryologia Patterns and processes. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Brazil Lwdro Genet Role of Constitutive heterochromatin.

Cytogenet Cell Genet Cytologia Doctoral Thesis. Edipucrs, Porto Alegre, pp Occurrence of natural triploidy.

J Fish Biol A 1- step method. Experientia Cytobios II Ocurrence of natural triploidy.

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American Naturalist Genomics Rev Brasil Genet 7: Send correspondence to: May 11, ; Accepted: November 23, Associate Editor: Fausto Foresti. All the contents of this Lesro, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Rua Cap. How to cite this article.