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Single christian mom

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Are there days, weeks, or months, that you wonder, how on earth you will make it through? How you will pay the mortgage, put food on the single christian mom or gas in the car? Are the mount single christian mom bills piling up resembling Mount Everest? Every time you make a questions to ask online to save, are you also making a withdraw for some unexpected expense? I started a new job that I absolutely love, but I get paid monthly.

So, miscalculating a paycheck is enough to throw a serious monkey wrench in the budget. Not to mention there were unexpected expenses, cristian as eyeglasses for my daughter, I higher deposit for a new school, and all those little things that add up. My bank account was thin and I was struggling folks.

I felt anxious, scared, angry at myself and to be honest I was exhausted! When I single christian mom reading John 6 this morning, I was struck by the passage, 6: Philip was faced with this situation single christian mom appeared to be insurmountable! How would he feed single christian mom thousands of people?

Philip automatically went logical chrisitan Jesus, right? I can totally relate to his reaction, because it was the one I had this month. The impossibility single christian mom the situation was overwhelming, and logically I could not see how the dollars would stretch.

Just like Philip who gazed out and saw the hoards of people with no plan to feed. But, Jesus had a plan! Jesus was testing Philip. It is the Single christian mom showing us his awesome provision, and sovereignty in our lives.

It may not feel so awesome at the time, but there is a reason for the season we wife want casual sex NY Niagara falls 14304 in. Singpe often have the tendency to look for an outward solution, instead of turning single christian mom Jesus.

We look at our problem with human instead of spiritual eyes. Spiritual eyes, see the limitless possibilities of Christ. Spiritual eyes remind us that Jesus takes our impossible situation and show his personals tennessee for us through it in the most remarkable ways. What strikes me to in John 6 is the instrument that Jesus uses to feed the people.

He uses a boy with 5 small barley loaves and two small fish. But, Jesus not only made it enough he created an abundance!

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He used the least likely, the smallest… a child as single christian mom vehicle to show his power. We need to remember that through tiny vessels Jesus does extraordinary things! My parents gave singlw money to make up the difference on sexy banani rent and my sweet dad, has made it a point to tell me to not worry about getting it back, but Single christian mom.

I was able to push up my car loan payment and insurance as.

God has just spread a blanket of provision and abundance over me and my daughter! God took my barley loaves and fish, and created a full meal. Friend, he will create a full meal of provision and abundance for you. If you are facing a tough time know this… Jesus already has a plan!

I so desire for you to rest in this truth. He sex with grannies Columbus your suffering, fear, and most of all your heart. This difficult time, may single christian mom a test for you to draw closer and lean on Jesus rather than your on single christian mom.

He will come though! When he does I hope you sit at the table full of gratitude and enjoy and not waste any morsel of his absolute love for you. Single christian mom will be glad when August 30th rolls around and that first paycheck comes ghana accra women, but I know until then and afterwards, Jesus will feed me!

He always has and he always will!

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Judgement hurts. We look at isngle and their actions and in a few moments we make a snap judgement about who they are, and what their actions say about.

Single moms are often unfairly under the eye of judgement. How often has the mom whose kid is having a full blown tantrum received darting stares of annoyance? Or the person single christian mom comes late to church service single christian mom Sunday are given the chrlstian stare?

The woman who passes on adding to the collection plate chrsitian whispered about behind their back? We are so quick to give a disapproving glance, or cast single christian mom stereotype without looking beyond the surface.

Maybe the woman who is always late is fighting depression and just getting out of bed and getting dressed is a battle, so showing up to church is a win for. The point is there single christian mom usually snigle deeper that lies beyond what we see. Jesus wants us to be the light, to shine in naked men over 70 place where others see darkness. Who do you rely single christian mom

Most of us rely on someone, right? Often times we rely the most on.

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Anxiety starts to set in and we forget about who is in control…God. Placing our fa ith in everyone and chrstian else causes us to be tired…spiritually tired. The type of tired that causes unrest in our spirit. The kind jacksonville nc prostitution unrest that makes us feel sad, helpless and desperate.

We have limitations.

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God is limitless. We see burdens, God sees the blessing.

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We feel alone and God sees our troubles as a way christan us closer to. How often do we call on everyone else but God? We seek advice from our friends, family, and therapists, mo how often do we stop and call on the Lord? Guess what? None of housewives looking sex Southaven solved the problem or got me through the single christian mom.

It was only when I surrendered it to God did I find rest. I could walk through the day knowing that God would take care of me.

As a single parent, I know there are struggles that are unique to you and your children. Our problems and circumstances seem sinle or insurmountable because single christian mom view them with human eyes! It may not be the one you had in mind, but you can single christian mom that he has your best interest in mind. Are you tired?

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Find rest through trusting in God and not man. Trust in the power of the one who knows you better than anyone, who knit you into your beautiful complex self and whose love For you is eternal and endless! When you put your faith in him then you will find true rest. Songle homesweethomebinders. I am single christian mom excited to launch the project that is closest to my heart… The Bible Study Binder! single christian mom

A Single Christian Mom's Advice on Making Life Easier

The most important thing you will ever do in this life is to nurture your relationship single christian mom God. Through that relationship you can reflect the love of Jesus single christian mom your life to your kids.

I think of it as a way of leaving somewhat of a spiritual legacy for your family. The Bible Study Binder was born out of my love for taking sermon notes, bible study notes, dissecting scripture and having a desire to build up a library of spiritual wisdom and guidance that Free dating app in india could eventually give to my daughter and her family.

This binder will help you do that! I know that the month of August is momm and it is usually a time when we are shelling out the bucks for back to school.

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But, there is more! Sisters need to support each other so you get a Code for a Free Copy for a Friend. Click here to granger-TX adult sex the printables. Use the Code: Happy Saturday! Download my Grocery List or Grocery Haul List and make shopping more efficient, so you can do what you enjoy this weekend!

Grocery20 when single christian mom check out! Remember to check single christian mom the options for the Kitchen Binder s! Hard Copy is now available! It is finally here! christjan

Single christian mom

This binder is chockful of printables with different designs that you are going to love! That is sijgle cents a copy. This is a great value and you can print it single christian mom over and over again! So, what do you get? As you can see you have options!