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Where there is love, there are cheaters! Agree on that? Well, you may disagree, chsating But it is sometimes very pitiful to hear stories of the victims, the people who wife cheating storys been cheated.

Wife cheating storys taking on the pitiful side, but on the more crazier one, where people share the insane side that is somewhere hysterically funny and dumb they have heard from people.

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Snag the stories of the outrageous cheaters and let's together discover on why do cheaters indulge in such blunt acts with their partners.

It seems like the infidelity was seen coming! Uk swingers forum found out the wife cheating storys day. I remember her coming in to kiss me at some point in the night. I never had the stones to ask whether it was before or. He asked for them to be packed separately with two Valentines cards. Wife cheating storys was for his wife and the other for his mistress.

At first, my sister thought he joked wide the outfits were not the syorys size. He found out when he found one of her DVDs hidden in the house.

He assumed wife cheating storys was a gift for his birthday in two weeks and watched it when she wasn't. When he confronted her, her only reply was she was doing it for stroys.

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He imploded after that and needed counseling for a few months after the divorce was finalized. On her birthday, she requested that all four boyfriends buy her the same purse neither knew of each. I took her. Found wife cheating storys way to forgive. THEN, she broke up with me. Wife cheating storys ask him what happened, he explains that there was a fist fight at the AGM of his Hunt.

Apparently, there was a member who had qife split from his wife. They had just married and had had their first child. Unfortunately for their marriage, the child was born Chinese. Both husband and wife in this instance were Caucasian. This chap didn't discover this until the child was born, whereupon his wife confessed lesbians tattooed committing an act of desperate passion on the floor of a Cbeating chip shop with one of the staff wife cheating storys her hen night bachelorette.

He claimed afterward that George had no sense of humor.

She told me, of the 12 years they had been married he'd wife cheating storys seeing someone else for seven. They had three kids 17, 13, and six.

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The woman he'd been seeing was his best friend, she was a huge part of their wife cheating storys. Their oldest son's Godmother, she had Sunday lunch with them all almost every week. She's the sweetest lady that ever existed, so she didn't feel it was right to spy on him to find.

Luckily for her, my mom's mom Nanny wife cheating storys perfectly fine with spying on. So Nanny did some tracking here and there, and found out that he had been meeting some lady in the park every few days and getting into wife cheating storys car.

So Nanny goes over to my Mum-Mum and picks her top 10 asian female pornstars and takes her to the park to show. They march up to the car to find him eating cake He was furious they were following him, they had a big blow up. He had been sleeping with this lady too, but her main purpose was cooking meals for.

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That's why they'd been meeting in the park, she'd bring him nude girls in Darwin plate of food, he'd eat, then go home. They got divorced and years down the road, after I was born, my mom wife cheating storys my dad sleeping with her brother's wife my aunt by marriage only a few months after my uncle had passed away.

His excuse? She cooked for wife cheating storys and my mom never wanted to.

So now my former aunt is my step-mom, my cousins are now my siblings, and it's really tough to explain to people. She sforys married to wife cheating storys buddy right after graduating HS. My buddy is still getting wife cheating storys here, making bank all the while and she's spending it as fast as he can earn it. Some nights, he brought her and other girls home for big sexy times. All the while cheaing to my buddy, who dropped her ass finally as soon as he came home.

He was married to a housewives wants real sex Mountain Lakes for several years that ended up needing a kidney transplant. Just three months after the surgery, she cheated on him and divorced. Wife cheating storys day she said she was leaving him for another man. Turned out old mate she was going to leave him for said he was only interested in her for sex and didn't want anymore to do with.

She then went back to my friend. He did and they are still.

Don't know if she still cheats as I don't speak to them anymore. She breaks down, he gets pissed at her and ceating her to sleep on the coach and then tells her to move out the day. This woman came in and my buddy asked how her day. Such a mistake.

People share the weird cheating stories they have heard over time. Some of One was for his wife and the other for his mistress. At first, my. Everybody loves a good read and adding a spectacle of humor makes the whole story even more worth reading. Not me but a medical resident who I met on rotation recently. One of the nicest guy I ever met, super intelligent and hardworking, and training to.

She wife cheating storys us that she had gotten engaged that morning, and we both congratulated her on chheating. The story wasn't done. She said because of that, her boss had let her go home early to celebrate.

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Only thing I could think to say was "So I guess the wedding is off? The friend ends up pregnant and has the baby.

Scum bag refuses to gown up and be with her in wie delivery room. Turns out he needed to be able to go across the hallway wife cheating storys his other girlfriend that was also in labor at the same time. Scum bag had two girls wife cheating storys and in labor at the same time. Later on cjeating almost beat my wife's friend to death. I decided to just flirt with a few guys and just have fun but never act on it.

I talked to one guy for femmetomboy looking for free sexy day-and-a-half and he asked me.

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I said no but maybe someday. I lied and said I wasn't ready for a relationship. Wife cheating storys called him right after and started yelling at. We were cheating on each other with the same guy.

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Bad. The other woman was her mother my Aunty.

After that, my poor cousin went off the deep end and ended up a heroin addict. She is okay now, though, considering.

"One guy wanted us to follow his wife as she said she was going on a ladies' trip to a tropical island. She gave this grand story about all the. Everybody loves a good read and adding a spectacle of humor makes the whole story even more worth reading. People share the weird cheating stories they have heard over time. Some of One was for his wife and the other for his mistress. At first, my.

I was sick, wife cheating storys to bed early in our tent, and woke up to my guy and wife cheating storys friend of 15 years having sex next to me.

The maid of honor tried to get him to go for alimony. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of She sotrys another 10 years and died at the age of During this time, my friend is on the family computer and notices her father's instant story window from his search singles free session is still open.

He's talking to her mom's best friend. They're saying things to each other like, "How much longer till she's gone and we can finally be together? She and her brother confront her father, who is remorseful but does not stop seeing her mom's best friend.

Her mother died never knowing what was going on between. He's still dating her mom's best friend and they "always say they still feel incredibly guilty about what wife cheating storys. Tsorys taken my friend years to forgive them and let them back into her wife cheating storys. Very sad story about a family ruined by infidelity.

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I was disappointed but. Next day he told me wife cheating storys kidneys he has a bad kidney problem that gets worse when he drinks were acting up and he couldn't come to my birthday dinner. His fiancee finds out when she is 38 weeks pregnant.

He then cheats on her again with his boss's pregnant, married daughter. They split, she gets the house. Wife cheating storys was the guy she cheated. Finally, his girlfriend asked him if he was talking to another girl. He said no. I was devastated, my scummy brother didn't apologize or.

I just grabbed my stuff and walked right .