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Jackson fans sing, sob, leave sunflowers and roses on 10th anniversary of death Jun 26 Attorney calls California charges against Mexican church leader 'high-tech hit job' Grenada horney wife 07 Ex-manager for comic book legend Stan Lee pleads not guilty to elder abuse Jun 05 Hydrogen-powered flying vehicle touted as Southern California traffic tonic May 30 With shelters at 'max' California border agents drop migrants at bus station May 21 It's written in the stars - Meghan's royal baby will be bold Apr 15 Well, it's not hacking an election right now because Google and similar companies like Facebook are completely unregulated in the United States, so they can do whatever they.

And if they all work together in to support the same presidential candidate, which is very likely, and probably it'll be a candidate that I support, by the way, they can shift upwards of 15 million votes with no one knowing that they've been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace. So that's it. There's no election at that point. Our democracy is not real if that's allowed to happen, correct? Well, democracy becomes an illusion.

Now, there are actions one can. I've set up so wife want hot sex Omar, the only two big monitoring systems that anyone has built to actually look over people's shoulder as they're doing election related online activities, and to aggregate that information and see what they are being shown by these big companies. Now inI'm actually trying right now to raise funds to build a large scale monitoring system to keep an eye on these companies and to catch them in the act, literally catch them, when they are manipulating votes and opinions.

And in my opinion, that's the only way we can stop. There are no laws in place that can stop them at the moment. Calling attention to it might be the first step and you've wife want hot sex Omar more than anyone who do. Epstein, thank you very. The Google whistleblower says that his channel is one of the channels that Google's algorithms worked to suppress. And right after that happened, a lot of the content creator started to get demonetized and their video started to get deranked.

I'm talking about Dave Rubin. Dave Rubin himself joins us tonight. What do you make of that, Dave, when you hear that? Tucker, I guess you didn't know when you came to naked young shemales house to do my show, to my little garage studio and you played with my dog and saw my backyard chickens, you didn't know what a crazed right-wing radical I.

So I'm glad that we've gotten that out. Look, of course, this is complete nonsense. I mean, we've discussed this many times. I am an old school liberal. So this is not like I'm some far lefty and I'm not some far righty. I'm a wife want hot sex Omar moderate guy. I've tried to build some bridges.

And even that now is becoming too extreme for what Google and YouTube are allowing to wife want hot sex Omar. One of the things that I've done that I'm most proud of actually is I've had conservatives on my show like you, like Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, et cetera and I've treated you guys with respect and decency.

They just want to create a character of all of you guys. So that's sort of why wife want hot sex Omar coming after me, but I will say this, just moments before we started here, I just got notified that Gay escort raleigh Wojcicki, who is the CEO of YouTube, she actually followed me on Twitter.

So I've got over a million subscribers on there and I don't have as much of as an e-mail address of someone at YouTube. But maybe I am starting to make some headway. And you know, quickly, to your point on where sort of libertarians are at right now, I think there's an interesting moment here where generally small government people, and I think you're sort of in that group too, you know, our limits are being pushed on what small government actually means. And for me, I would always prefer a private answer to this and competition.

But maybe there has to be a sort of two-pronged approach where politicians are putting pressure and then public people are putting pressure, and we can maybe make these companies sort of be a little more transparent, be a little more wife want hot sex Omar, which really is all anyone is asking for.

Yes, I'd bring them to heal by force tomorrow. I wouldn't -- I have a libertarian solution, I think, but we're past that time. Would you allow wife want hot sex Omar power company to say we're denying you electricity wife want hot sex Omar you voted for someone we don't like.

Of course, you wouldn't horney chat Raub Indiana.

Yes, you know, as my wife want hot sex Omar Eric Weinstein says, it's like one day, are we going to get to the point where our Republicans are going to be allowed to have phones in their homes? I mean, that's sort of where we're heading with all of. My preference would be that these companies through public pressure will. But you might be right.

And I actually, I think that's just an incredibly rich debate that we aife be having more. Yes, I never thought I'd say that, but they've pushed us all.

Wife want hot sex Omar

Dave Wife want hot sex Omar. So do you hate fun? Are you not bored enough at work? Do you have a strange desire to inflict suffering upon yourself, but you're somehow unable to fulfill it? Don't worry, we have an answer for you. Eighteen Hollywood actors have banded together to create a act play in which they read all pages of the Mueller report.

Robert Mueller says the report wifw for. Tonight, that voice resonates through our cast of remarkable actors. Some wife want hot sex Omar came to a different conclusion, like Attorney General Bill Barr.

The malignant pomposity of wife want hot sex Omar modern left, totally wabt self- awareness. It's really -- it's beyond parody, the play if you can call it that was performed live in New York. Sex sloppy seconds don't worry, in case you're needing help getting to sleep, you can watch the video of the entire wznt long performance online.

Of course, you're going to want to again and. Well, following President Trump's cancelled I. They want open borders. They're saying that out loud for everyone, no matter what why men are afraid of marriage consequences.

That's. Live from Tokyo. Right now though, back in the U. In response, Democrats are outraged and basically have become straightforward about what they really want, open borders.

On "Face the Nation," Senator Bernie Sanders signaled that all deportations are morally unacceptable even for those who've gone to court and been told hoot leave this country legally. There are I. Estimates of some 2, people or so who will be targeted. Is this appropriate? No, wifw not. It is absolutely not appropriate.

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wnt But specifically on this point, the 2, wat are supposed to be targeted haven't shown up for court dates. So essentially they're not following the asylum process, the legal standards when they're.

So should they be prosecuted? Should they be deported? I don't like this deportation thing at all, and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come. What a buffoon he has. What a buffoon. Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was even more blunt about it repeatedly and flagrantly breaking our laws, even after coming here illegally is not wife want hot sex Omar reason to make someone leave, she said, watch.

When I saw that the President was going to have these raids, I mean, it's so appalling, it's outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down aant, splitting up families, and the rest of that; in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border. We have legislation to go forward to address those needs. Google the wife want hot sex Omar "out of touch rich person" and her picture emerges, and yet still, her position wice not the most extreme in the Democratic Party right.

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Wife want hot sex Omar other words, open borders are no longer enough, soon it will be literal, open borders for real. What will happen to the country at that point? Jason Johnson is the founder of J2 Strategies. He is also a former adviser to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and he joins us tonight.

Jason, thanks very much for coming on. So it's hard to know whether they mean this or not because if you are to take what the Democratic Party and not even the wacko left online, but elected Democratic office holders are saying on television, wife want hot sex Omar you were to take it seriously, what would happen to America?

It's out of control. It's crazy. As you know, coming out and labeling detention centers, quote, unquote, "concentration camps. There's a recent Gallup poll that shows for the first time, immigration and illegal aliens were the highest mention when asked in an open-ended fashion to the American public, what's the biggest problem facing the United States?

You know, the only thing to beat it out? That was it. So this is absolutely destroying America, and there's really kind of no question about it if you just look at the trajectory. The Republicans are doing wife want hot sex Omar about it. So why would any Republican member of the United States Senate for example, who isn't making this a top priority?

Why would that person get votes from any conservative ever again? Yes, I can't imagine. Look, as you know, Tucker, the goalpost seattle tna escorts been moved so much in this immigration debate.

A decade ago, we were talking about whether or not to grant amnesty for those in the country illegally. Now, we have, as you just pointed out Republicans in the Senate, who are advancing a bill, right, after the President requested help with this crisis that doesn't even provide a dime for free datein security.

And I tell dubai hotel girls, we have a senator here in the State of Texas, who is up for reelection inand wanf need to pay attention, they need to get out of their D. That's right. Because it's not a partisan question. It's do you care about America or not? Honestly, that's where we are. Jason, thank you very. Great to see you tonight. Wind energy is a key component of Green New Deal, but would wind ht save the environment or devastate the environment?

We hit the road to investigate that question. It's just ahead as we continue to broadcast from beautiful Wife want hot sex Omar, Japan. Thanks to relentless flogging wife want hot sex Omar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal -- whatever that is -- is rapidly becoming orthodoxy on the left.

What would it mean to implement it? Well, even the most basic version of the Green New Deal would require shutting down most existing power sources in this country, and replacing them with so called renewables such women wanting sex hilo Binz wind.

That sounds appealing, but what would actually happen to the environment, our economy and the people who live here if we tried to do that?

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Well, to find out, the show recently spoke to commercial fishermen. They described wiff harmful effect that green wife want hot sex Omar, wind energy has had on their livelihood and critically on the ocean.

Wes Townsend has been bermuda milf for sex off the coast of Delaware for more than four decades. Now, thanks to federal climate policy, this livelihood wife want hot sex Omar become extinct.

America's entire commercial fishing industry could go with it. This could be the end of our business. Some we've worked our whole lives for that all of a sudden now, our boats aren't going to be worth anything, our permits aren't going to be worth. Wind farms have the wsnt to gravely harm the environment. Researchers in Britain found that the noise caused by building the wind farms limited the abilities of sea bass coordinate their movement with one another and made them vulnerable to predators.

Marine experts have blamed wind farms Omxr whales found washed up on shore.

They also pose serious safety hazards to mariners around the world. Navigation is going to become very unreliable.

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In most countries, they do not allow vessels inside wind farms or in the vicinity of wind farms for navigational reasons. In ses name of saving the Earth, big corporations wife want hot sex Omar harming the environment. Many have sounded the alarm about this, but so far lobbying dollars from energy companies have prevailed.

Plants have now been approved to install massive new wind farms along the Wife want hot sex Omar Coast of the United States, one near Martha's Vineyard could be the largest in the world. This offshore wind project will take up roughly 1, square miles that's larger than the state of Rhode Island.

They're being cited wife want hot sex Omar prime commercial fishing grounds without chat and flirt free regard for preexisting uses. You will not O,ar able to fish during construction and most commercial fishing vessels will not be able to fish after construction. He has called for a Federal study investigating the effect of these wind farms.

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Offshore wind makes no economic wife want hot sex Omar without Federal taxpayer subsidies. The bottom line is, it is one of the most expensive ways to generate electricity. So the question is, if we're going to install wind farms that will destroy natural fisheries, crush a multibillion dollar industry and create eyesores on wive up and down the coast, who benefits exactly?

One of the other problems with these Federal tax subsidies is the owners of these sex schweiz farms all turned out to be global, international, you know, offshore foreign companies.

The bottom line is, we're going to have American taxpayer dollars flowing to these foreign companies. What happened to America first? I thought this President and everybody else said wife want hot sex Omar put -- let's protect Americans.

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